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  • 3 Tips for a Positive Schoolyear

    board-928378_640Back-to-school is the most exciting time of the year!  Crisp, cool fall air and new school supplies get things off to a great start.  But why stop there?  Here are a few ways you can use your Too Good toolkit to keep up the positive momentum throughout the schoolyear.

    Make it schoolwide.  Schoolwide involvement keeps everyone engaged and on board with building social-emotional skills that will contribute to students’ success in school and life.  A learning environment that expects and reinforces positive behavior will lead children to practice positive behavior.  Lesson Extenders at the end of each Too Good lesson are designed to foster school connectedness, and provide practical ways to get the whole school involved.  Use these activities to set class goals and school goals, or to help out in the community.     

    Involve parents and caregivers.  Parent involvement is essential to implementation success.  The Home Workouts included with each Too Good lesson keep parents and caregivers tuned in to what their child is learning, and help them practice and reinforce the skills at home.  Keep families involved by inviting a parent or caregiver to write a newsletter article about how she or he is positively reinforcing SEL skills at home.

    Build on the last year.  Are teachers in earlier grades also implementing Too Good in their classrooms?  Brainstorm with them to find out what worked in their previous year’s implementation.  Each grade level of the Too Good program reinforces and builds on the core concepts and skills.  Practicing SEL skills daily sets students up for success and provides them with the skills to handle challenging and uncomfortable situations in healthy ways.

    So get ready!  A new school year means new beginnings, and there’s no better way to kick off a fun year of learning than to pick up your Too Good toolkit and start using it today.