Too Good for Drugs & Violence High School Revised Edition Kit
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Too Good for Drugs & Violence High School Revised Edition

The evidence-based Too Good for Drugs & Violence High School prepares students with the skills they need for academic, social, and life success. Interactive games and activities provide practical guidance on dating and relationships, building healthy friendships, and refusing negative peer influence.

Lessons foster analysis and discussion of the effects of ATOD use as well as prescription and OTC drug use and various nicotine delivery devices. Students also analyse the impact of social media on decision making, reaching goals, and self identity.

Students learn how to navigate the challenges of social and academic pressures like making responsible decisions, managing stress and anger, reflecting on personal relationships, and resolving conflicts. The lessons use collaborative and experiential learning strategies to help students practice the skills proven to prevent violence and other risky behaviors.


The Too Good toolkit includes everything you need to teach the lessons:

  • Teacher’s Manual
  • 30 Student Workbooks
  • High School Digital Media Disc
  • Trial Run Game Board, Game Cards, and Tiles, 4 sets
  • Level Up! Card Game, 4 sets
  • Fact Check Cards, 4 sets
  • Smoke Screen Game Cards, 4 sets
  • 10 Alcohol Consequence Balls
  • I'll Pass Card Game, 4 sets
  • Quality Assurance Card Game, 4 sets
  • Roll Call Card Game, 4 Sets
  • Remain Calm Card Game, 1 set
  • Bit Review Card Game, 6 sets
  • Deciding Factor Card Game, 1 set
  • My Yearbook Picture: A Horror Story - Role Play Script
  • Who Wore It Worst Session Files
  • The Dating Game – Role Play Script
  • Game Pieces with Die, 4 sets

Additional sets of game materials may be purchased separately.

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Too Good for Drugs & Violence High School Revised Edition Kit

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Curriculum features include:

  • Fifteen 50-minute research based lessons completely scripted and conveniently presented in a three-ring binder, making them easy to use and enjoyable to teach.
  • Interactive lessons beginning with clearly-stated, measurable objectives and a list of materials needed to teach the lesson.
  • A parent component, “Bring it Home Newsletter for Parents and Teens,” to extend prevention skills and messages into the home. Home Workout activities for additional practice with parents, siblings, and caregivers at home.
  • A “Looking for More?” section with suggestions for infusion, recommended reading, and additional activities for reinforcing important concepts and skills.
  • Assessment materials to measure program effectiveness, fidelity of implementation, and student knowledge.
  • Comprehensive Pre-Training Component covering Character Education and Normative Education concepts as well as guidance for facilitating discussions about various substance use topics.

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