Too Good for Violence - Social

Too Good for Violence - Social

What’s UPDATED in the Too Good toolkit?

Your Too Good toolkit includes everything you need to teach the lessons:

  • Updated Teacher’s Manual with ten 45-minute lessons
  • Infusion activities to reinforce social-emotional skills throughout the school day
  • Colorful posters and interactive games
  • Newly designed student workbooks with engaging activities and role plays
  • Updated assessment materials to measure program effectiveness
  • Home Workouts to build family and school connectedness

Why Too Good?

The research-based Too Good for Violence-Social Perspectives program empowers children to be positive leaders in their school and community. Children who learn and use the skills taught in this program are more likely to have a positive attitude, make good decisions, get along with their peers, and do better in school.

How it Works

The Social Perspectives program is divided into two units. Unit 1 teaches five core social-emotional skills. Unit 2 teaches how to apply those skills in daily life and social challenges.

Lesson 1: Goal Setting
Children learn how to set and achieve personal and academic goals.
Lesson 6: Respect for Self & Others
Children learn how to respectfully listen and respond to different points of view.
Lesson 2: Decision Making
Children learn how to think through a problem and make responsible decisions.
Lesson 7: Conflict Resolution
Children learn how to cooperate to solve problems in a respectful way.
Lesson 3: Identifying & Managing Emotions
Children learn how to identify and manage their emotions, and recognize the emotions of others.
Lesson 8: Anger Management
Children learn how to calm down when they feel angry and de-escalate a conflict.
Lesson 4: Effective Communication
Children learn how to communicate clearly, listen actively, and ask for help.
Lesson 9: Managing Bullying Situations
Children learn how to identify and effectively respond to a bullying situation.
Lesson 5: Bonding & Relationships
Children learn how to make and keep healthy friendships.
Lesson 10: Positive Role Model
Children learn the qualities of a positive role model and how to be a role model for their peers.
Too Good for Violence Revised - Social Perspectives Grade 4 Too Good for Violence Revised - Social Perspectives Grade 5


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