Seeds of Nutrition

Seeds of Nutrition builds healthy relationships to food through experiential learning, nutrition education, and garden projects.

What is food? Most kids don't know where the food they eat comes from. When pressed for an answer, they often scratch their heads and feebly say, "…a box?, …the store?, ... Mom?"

Food for life

Cultivating this relationship to food is paramount – healthy kids and healthy eating go hand-in-hand, and of course, healthy kids make good students. Our time-tested experience reveals that connecting kids to healthy food in authentic ways is the easiest and most direct way to positively influence their life-long eating habits

In the garden

We work from the ground up. The Seeds of Nutrition program starts in the ripe learning environment of the school garden – kids get their hands dirty planting seeds and learning the basics of the growing cycle. "Eat your vegetables" becomes a trouble-free directive for kids when they are eating the vegetables they grew from seed to harvest. In addition to teaching kids how to grow fruits and vegetables, Seeds of Nutrition teaches them how to prepare both delicious and nutritious recipes using the fruits of their labor, along with other nutrient-dense whole foods. Teaching nutrition through the context of food not only strengthens the message, but it makes it real, as well.

In the classroom

To further explore the world of whole foods nutrition while focusing on the discipline of the core curriculum, Seeds of Nutrition collaborates with teachers and administrators to create cross curricular lessons for language arts, math, science and social studies. Writing about garden insects and butterflies, measuring ingredients for garden fresh salad dressing and preparing authentic Chinese New Year dishes brings core curriculum subjects to life for students and teachers alike.

Sowing the Seeds

Presently, we are sowing our program in several Atlanta, Georgia schools. While our current efforts are local, our sights are set on making the Seeds of Nutrition program available to schools and communities across the country who are interested in making the healthy food, healthy kids connection come to life. Watch us as we grow…