Our People

The Mendez Foundation has a long history serving communities through the implementation of prevention education programs and participation in community events. Presently, our reach extends to all 50 states, and beyond, with a team of talented program developers, trainers, customer service personnel, and support staff. Together we work to teach kids they are too good for drugs and violence!

Board of Directors C. E. Mendez Foundation, Inc.

Charles E. Mendez, Sr. (1914-1967) Founder/Director
Anita T. Mendez (1914-2004) Founder/Director
Charles E. Mendez, Jr. Chairman & President
Charles E. Mendez, III Vice President/ Secretary
Lawrence D. Mendez Vice President/ Assistant Secretary
Yvonne L. Mendez Vice President
Diana G. Mendez Board Member
Henry Gonzalez, III Board Member
Michael Annis, Esquire Board Member
Charles F. Mitchell, M.D. Board Member
Janet Y. Mendez Board Member
Melissa Hoffman Board Member
Lauren E. Mendez Board Member


Charles E. Mendez, Jr. Chairman and President
Charles E. Mendez, III Vice President/ Managing Director
Cindy Swartzwelder Vice President Training and Implementation
Leon Dragon Contract Manager
Bradley Bramlett Business and Personnel Manager
Christianne Caldwell, M.A. Production Systems Manager
Kimberly Menendez, M.S. Forensic Psychology Senior Curriculum Developer
Laura Marolf Senior Curriculum Developer
Stuart Pheil Purchasing and Inventory Control
Kelli Fowler Direct Services Coordinator
Nikki Rhodes Account Coordinator
Vanessa Tate MPH Translational Research, Policy, and Advocacy Development Manager
Eileen Koteles Prevention Specialist
Tameka Andrews-Powley Prevention Specialist
Jaquelyn Haan Prevention Specialist
Susan Hart Prevention Specialist
Ashley Marchese Prevention Specialist
Amy Pardo Prevention Specialist
Tracy Perello Prevention Specialist
Monica Riley Prevention Specialist
Julie Rose Prevention Specialist
John Trivento Prevention Specialist