Prevention Education
        through Social & Emotional Learning

Easy to Teach
Fun to Learn

Too Good programs are evidence-based interactive lessons, games, and activities that teach students the social emotional learning skills they need for success in school and in life.

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Gain Skills and Knowledge

We combine evidence-based prevention strategies and proven best practices to give you the skills ...

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Based on the Latest Research and Science

Extensive research has identified how protective factors that help safeguard children from ...

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Proven Effective

Too Good programs have undergone rigorous, independent evaluation studies to measure their effects on students' skills, attitudes, intentions, and behaviors

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Correlations to State Standards

The Too Good programs have been correlated to various state Health Education Standards...

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New from Too Good: Social Perspectives 

Social Perspectives for Grades 6, 7, and 8 uses interactive games, role-plays, visual aids, and fun activities to teach and reinforce the social emotional skills students need to build prosocial relationships and make healthy choices. Students learn to set goals, make good decisions, manage emotions, effectively communicate, and how to apply these skills to conflict resolution, anger management, and bullying.

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Better Together: Too Good for Drugs + Social Perspectives Expansion Kits

Already implementing Too Good for Drugs? Combine Too Good for Drugs and Social Perspectives into one integrated 15 lesson program. When implemented together, Too Good for Drugs and Social Perspectives develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes adolescents need for positive social and emotional development, resiliency, non-violent problem solving, and drug-free living. Expansion kits available for grades 6, 7, and 8.

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Bullying Prevention

Skills for Conflict Resolution and Handling Bullying Situations

Social emotional learning provides students with the skills they need to safely prevent and resolve conflict. These include effective communication, problem-solving, and having respect for self and others. Too Good for Violence and Social Perspectives include lessons on these topics plus managing emotions and handling bullying situations.
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